AWARALA Antecedentes

Motivated by plentiful solar radiation at the Guajira peninsula in Colombia the AWARALA POWER PLANT was born as a renewable energy generation initiative that promotes a more diverse energy matrix in Colombia with economic feasibility and sustainability.

Due to technical restrictions of the power transmission lines in the Guajira peninsula, the project was moved to the Sucre state also in the Caribbean coast area which offers the right conditions to develop the project with more benefits and advantages to attain the technical and economic feasibility for the project.

With its origins in the Guajira peninsula, home of the Wayuu indigenous people, the project keeps its roots in its name "AWARALA" which means "Light of a new dawn" in the Wayuu native language. The AWARALA POWER PLANT is at the forefront of technological innovation and is the very first solar project to be grid interconnected in Colombia.