The Project started its physical development on September 8, 2014 and is scheduled to be online on August 2016 after finishing a 16-month construction period and after completion of the registry in the wholesale energy market (MEM) via the XM agency and the National Dispatch Center (CND) in Medellin.

The power plant will be directly connected to the nearby Toluviejo electrical substation at a voltage level four, in the Caribbean coast area property of the ELECTRICARIBE local grid operator and the grid connectivity will be done via a 450 meters power transmission line. After obtaining the node connectivity approval from the regional power grid operator (ELECTRICARIBE, November 20, 2012) and the node connectivity approval from the government's main energy agency (UPME unit, January 18, 2013), the project has achieved its most critical milestones and green lights for development. Together with the closing and acquisition of 10-hectares of rural land, the granted environmental permit in November 8, 2013 and the government approval of the phase 3 final registry by the UPME agency ( in January 28, 2014, the project achieved full clearance to begin the development phase, and construction was started on September 8, 2014 following completion of the engineering designs. The project is expected to begin commercial operation on June 2018. The power plant will be the first grid connected solar power plant generating clean and renewable energy to diversify the energy sources and feed the Colombian power grid in South America providing a source of power that addresses both energy security and climate change.


The main infrastructure of the project is composed of the following three elements:

1. Generation Building (A three-story building housing the generation units and control room)

2. Step-up Substation (4.16 kV/110 kV) with two 16 MVA Power Transformers

3. Transmission Power Line @ 110 kV with a 450-meter length

Main Facts