The Energy Convertion System – Solar (ECS-SOLAR) is a solar with mechanical induction technology that employs discrete and regulated electrical pulses to induce a hyper expansion level over a circulating Nanofluid. The high efficiency expansion causes mechanical induction in a turbine-generator coupling system. The electrical pulses are generated by an electronic controller that feeds-off conventional PV panels that is stored in deep cycle battery banks to ignite the hyper expansion levels of the Nanofluid.

The ECS-SOLAR technology which can be framed in the solar thermal category of solar technologies represents a system that is conceptually similar to the systems implemented in GEMASOLAR - Spain, in IVANPAH - California, and in the visionary solar towers of EnviroMission in Spain and Arizona.

AWARALA POWER PLANT implements 28 ECS-SOLAR units with two of them for stand-by mode and having an individual capacity of 768 kW (or 960 kVA) to reach a total capacity of 19,9 MW.